A few months ago I was commissioned my largest painting ever, 6 1/2x5ft!! It was sooo much fun to do. The piece was for my cousin and his wife living in Washington, DC. They have this incredible home in Capital Hill (he is an architect and she is an interior designer, so everything in their place is done beautifully). They wanted something big, bold and dramatic to put in their stairwell which is all white, so they gave me their colors (black, emerald greens and gold) and a few pics as inspiration, which I love. I used a mix of acrylic paints, house paint and spray paint, with a semi-gloss finish.

(Don't mind the iphone pic, haha) Since you can't buy a canvas this large at Michael's, Bryan and I built it ourselves, using extremely strong Oak wood.  Bryan has always wanted to build a gallery wrapped canvas, so we did for this one and it came out so good, he is quite the handy man. (We ended up adding two more braces horizontally across the back for extra support. And yes, I am blow-drying the canvas. It helped tighten the canvas, and afterwards I covered the back with clear Gesso to get it even tighter. I would normally Gesso the front, but the canvas we bought online already came primed and I needed it to be tighter.)

Me standing next to it for scale, I'm 5'11.

Can we talk about how small and dark brown Bjorn was here?! WHAT. He would just sit there and watch me paint. :)

Metallic gooooold is my absolute favorite.

Some iphone shots my cousin sent me of the painting hanging in their stairwell!

Stay tuned for my next large scale painting that will be on display and for sale in a new Georgetown store opening soon! Details to come. (I'm so so so excited about this!)

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