We just returned home after being in the Caribbean for four weeks and I'm already counting down the hours until we head out again. We are spending Valentine's Day in Florida and I can't wait! I've mentioned to Bryan several times that I want to start wearing a watch for when we travel (when I don't have my phone) but mostly just in general (so I don't have an excuse to look at my phone whenever I need the time). When I laid my eyes on this wooden watch by Jord, I was instantly drawn to it. When it comes to accessories, I'm very lazy. I wear my wedding ring, a few special rings from my travels, and my very special 'Bjorn' necklace. This wooden watch goes with everything (score) and is very classic and simple (another score). Oh yeah, and the best part is, my initials TKO are engraved on the back! That is Bryan's favorite part. ;) It was my Valentine's Day gift to myself (you're off the hook Bry). I always count down the hours to our next adventure and now I can do it in style!

JORD Wooden Watch.jpg
JORD womens watch.jpg
JORD engraved watch.jpg

My initials engraved on the back! I'm obsessed!!!

JORD Cassia watch.jpg

You can shop this watch here! There are also tons of different styles and colors available. SHOW ME NOW!

JORD wooden watch.jpg
JORD watches.jpg

If we aren't traveling around, you will most likely find us cuddled up on the couch or in bed with snacks and our shows (aka It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on repeat).

JORD womens watches.jpg
JORD wooden watch.jpg
JORD watches.jpg
JORD watches.jpg
JORD wooden box.jpg


There are a ton of different styles for both men and women, and the wooden box they come in is so cool! It's Bryan's birthday next month, I might have to get him one as well. ;)





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