Since I became a contributor for Stocksy United, I've been experimenting and having a lot of fun with color and objects. I don't know why, but simple, colorful concept photographs make me extremely happy. Like super happy. I'll most likely go spray paint something a new color once I'm done with this post.

The images below are my favorite series to date. Bryan and I went to Trader Joe's last summer and bought an absurd amount of fruit just to photograph. Kind of strange I know, but I love how they have turned out and they are doing well on Stocksy, so woohoo! Plus we got to make a kickass fruit salad once we were done taking photos which is always a win.

Green Arrangement.jpg

Special thanks to Bryan for always being my hand model. You da best babe. ;)

There is something very satisfying with painting fruit. I have a pineapple literally staring at me right now saying "paint meeee." What other objects would be fun to paint?