This is the third and final blog post from this amazing trip! Below is a video Bryan put together highlighting all of the places we explored with our sweet Bjorn, we hope you enjoy it! <3


Bryan had been to 47 states before this trip, but somehow California wasn't one of them. He was so excited to see the Redwoods and wow were they incredible. We drove through a number of epic Redwood forests but the coolest was the Avenue of the Giants area. We squeezed Whipley (the RV) through some tight spaces and had a blast exploring. Redwood forests are so different from what we are used to, it almost feels like being indoors. We could have spent months exploring this part of California!

Redwoods 3.jpg
Redwoods 9.jpg
Redwoods 4.jpg
Redwoods 11.jpg

We were exploring early morning on a Thursday, so we had pretty much the whole place to ourselves. 

Redwoods 8.jpg
Redwoods 10.jpg

The scale is still hard to wrap my head around.

Redwoods 6.jpg

I have a feeling that we are going to be back here a lot. 


We drove across the Golden Gate bridge and straight to Los, Gatos for a lovely dinner with our good friends Jack and Katherine, who we were very excited to see.

San Fran 1.jpg


I have always wanted to visit this park, and it was stunning! We got there in the evening so we immediately found a campsite inside the park. We set up a campfire, made dinner, and Bryan practiced more of his astrophotography. The next morning we drove into the valley and decided to go on a hike. The hike was way harder then we were expecting but totally worth it. Next time we go I want to check out Glacier Point, I'm bummed we didn't get to go there this time because it looks absolutely insane.

Making fire.jpg
Making fire 4.jpg
Making fire 3.jpg
Camp fire 2.jpg
Camp fire 4.jpg

We made a point of cooking our dinner over the fire and it was awesome! The stars were also about the most striking we have ever seen. We could not have asked for better weather during the entire trip.

Camp Astro photography 1.jpg

Astro photography is about as satisfying as it gets.

Camp fire 3.jpg
El Capitan.jpg
Waterfall 3.jpg
Tk hike 2.jpg
Bryan hike 2.jpg
Tk hike 4.jpg
Look out 8.jpg

This hike kicked our asses. It somehow managed to be uphill the whole time both ways. 

Look out 4.jpg
Look out 2 (1).jpg

Yosemite is another place we will have to come back to for a month. 


Death Valley National Park may seem like a simple enough concept: it's the hottest place on earth. Cool. In reality, it is one of the coolest places we have ever shot. It is full of so many awesome features like badlands, huge salt plains, sand dunes and super-colorful canyons. It is a photographer's dream park. 

The Whip.jpg
Fam 1.jpg
Bjorn 1.jpg

We were here on Bjorn's second birthday!

Bjorn 4.jpg
Bjorn 5.jpg
Sand dunes 2.jpg
Sand dunes 6.jpg
Golden Canyon 2.jpg
Golden Canyon 1.jpg
Bjorn and Bryan.jpg

Eight pounds of adventure. 

Bjorn and TK.jpg
Z Point 1.jpg
Bjorn and TK 2.jpg
Bjorn smiling.jpg
Out of focus.jpg

Completely out of focus and I don't care because look at Bjorn's smile!!!

Salt Basin 1.jpg

I am occasionally accused of being salty...

Salt Basin 3.jpg
Salt Basin 6.jpg
Below Sea Level.jpg

See sea level?

Salt Basin 8.jpg

Probably the prettiest dirt we have ever seen. 

Salt Basin 7.jpg

Unleashing his inner Walter Mitty (but Walter Mitty never had to skate back up his epic hill, haha)


Zion 3.jpg

Zion was absolutely breathtaking. The park has so much epic beauty in a relatively tiny area. You can drive through the entire park in an hour. We liked it so much that we parked the RV and went back through again on the scooter. There is a long tunnel cut into the mountain that was particularly cool to drive through. A quick hike brought us to one of the most scenic viewpoints we saw on the trip!

Zion 5.jpg
Zion 8.jpg
Zion 6.jpg
Zion 9.jpg

All of the parks in the West had so much natural beauty, we could pull off anywhere, climb around the rocks like a bunch of kids, and get fun shots!

Zion 10.jpg
Zion 12.jpg
Zion 15.jpg
Zion 17.jpg
Zion 1.jpg
Zion 14.jpg

I'm obviously into bad boys.

Zion 16.jpg


Bryce Canyon was not on our original itinerary, but as we were making our way back east from Death Valley, we made the very good impulsive decision to check it out. We didn't have a lot of time to spend and people told us that the park was small, and there was no road through it (only into it), so we conquered Bryce Canyon on the scooter. We did an early-morning ride in and out that only took about 90 minutes including stops. The vistas were awesome!

Bryce Canyon 1.jpg

The area right outside the park had probably the coolest non-park rock formations we saw, so we took the drone up and got some good photos and video. As annoying as it is that you can't fly drones in national parks, it is probably less annoying than having five hundred drones constantly bumping into each other above the country's most beautiful places....

Bryce Canyon 7.jpg
Bryce Canyon 5.jpg
Bryce Canyon 4.jpg

I figured we wouldn't run into people we knew, so I allowed Bryan to wear those finger shoes in public, as long as nobody was around. 

Bryce Canyon 8.jpg
Bryce Canyon 10.jpg
Bryce Canyon 2.jpg
Bryce Canyon 12.jpg
Bryce Canyon 11.jpg


Our last stop was also unplanned. Bryan had heard great things about the park and when we found that changing our route to drive through it wouldn't add much time. This was only a few hours after leaving Bryce Canyon. Again, we weren't disappointed in our decision. The colors were unreal and the rock formations were some of the most striking we had ever seen. It was definitely a good last hurrah for the trip. 

Capital Reef 1.jpg
Capital Reef 3.jpg
Capitol Reef 5.jpg
Capitol Reef 4.jpg
Capital Reef 2.jpg

Look at Bjorn's cute smile!!! Bryan and I are so happy we got to take Bjorn on this epic adventure. He was such a little trooper, always down to explore, he would snuggle on my lap in between adventures and just brought Bryan and I so much happiness. Looking back on this trip brings back the best memories and I'm so grateful for that. We love you so much Bjorn. <3


I hope you enjoyed following our trip. Next month I will put together a post with details on where we stayed, more things we did, and tips and tricks for taking an extended road trip.