I LOVE GOOOLD!!! I've been on a gold kick this year, and by that I don't mean jewelry (though that would be nice), but more like spray painting random things gold, always adding a gold streak in my abstract paintings, draping my bridesmaids in long gold gowns and attempting to add a touch of it to my everyday wardrobe (I suck at accessorizing with jewelry, trying to work on that). So I definitely needed gold sunglasses. Stat. These Wood Gold Mirrored Sunglasses by Woodzee looked really cool, turned out really cool, and I feel really cool when I wear them, so that's a win win win.

The company's tag line is "Style and Nature," so obviously we had to venture out into the woods the second the sun came out (the weather has been so overcast for weeks!). Bjorn loved it.

Okay let me quickly explain this incredible "pose". I think we ate Taco Bell right before this and I always feel the fullness in my neck... Is that normal? Anyone else get that? No? Okay cool. Bryan told me to do something with my hands so that was my move. #model

The frames are made from real wood. Pretty tight.

Shop these gold sunglasses HERE! They also come in two other colors. :)

*Thank you Woodzee for sponsoring this post!