Hello hello! Bryan and I were in St. John again for 3 weeks and we brought Bjorn with us this time. It was so much fun having him there! It was his first time flying and he was absolutely perfect. He didn't make a single peep, just slept in my lap the whole flight. He is such a water dog too, he would just run and jump right into the ocean, it was the cutest thing ever.

While we were there we spent a day aboard the Obsidian with Captain Doyle and it was amazing! We cruised around St. Thomas, which we have never done before, so it was cool to explore a new island. Bjorn even got to come!! He wore his little shark life vest and was jumping off the boat by himself to swim to shore. Cutest thing I've ever seen.

Be sure to check out the video Bryan made at the end of this post!

I think he enjoyed himself.

So did Bryan.

Bjorn and my mom!

Bjorn loves his ladies!

This place is called Mermaid's Chair and it was unbelievable, we also had it to ourselves! On the left side is the Caribbean Sea and on the right is the Atlantic. 

"Just act natural you guys." - Doyle

That's me right there smack dab in the middle. hehe

That is one tired puppy! We were on the boat from 9-4pm and he was quite the trooper!