Hey friends! As you can probably tell by now St. John is my favorite place. So I thought I would post a fun little guide to getting the most out of a vacation in paradise.

  1. DO wake up for sunrise on the beach. It's magical.
  2. DON'T forget that the sunrise is on the EAST side of the island, and most of the beaches aren't.
  1. DO go on the tire swing at Oppenheimer Beach. It's awesome.
  2. DON'T think about how old that tire is.
  1. DO rent a Jeep.
  2. DON'T forget that they drive on the LEFT side down there.
  1. DO bring something to carry all your shit.
  2. DON'T worry if you look goofy, it's totally worth it.
  1. DO stake a claim on the beach.
  2. DON'T be afraid to go big.
  1. DO rent or buy fun toys to play with while on the beach.
  2. DON'T slam your brand new paddle in a car door.
  1. DO learn to paddleboard.
  2. DON'T forget polarized sunglasses and a hat, it's almost as good as snorkeling (you can see everything!).
  2. DON'T freaking forget to wear bug spray.

I'm serious.

  1. DO buy a 32oz Bubba Keg so your tasty beverage stays nice and cold on the beach.
  2. DON'T worry about open container laws. They've never heard of them.
  1. DO go on a boat trip to the BVIs. Captain Doyle on the Obsidian is our go-to guy. See more from our boat trip here!
  2. DON'T forget your passport.
  1. DO paint on the beach.
  2. DON'T forget an time.
  1. DO walk as often as possible, the whole island is basically one giant stair master.
  2. DON'T forget deodorant.
  1. DO enjoy sunsets on the beach.
  2. There are no DON'TS in this situation.
  1. DO try to enjoy every restaurant in Cruz Bay.
  2. DON'T miss out on happy hour.
  1. DO make sure to have someone "willing" to take a ton of pictures with/of you.
  2. DON'T forget to follow me on Instagram.

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