Last honeymoon post!

After the cruise we decided to fly to Amsterdam for 4 days because neither of us had ever been there and had always wanted to. It was also actually cheaper to fly home via Amsterdam than to get a round trip to/from Rome, AND we wanted to stretch our our honeymoon for as long as possible, so it worked out great! I am so so glad we stayed in Amsterdam because it was my favorite place out of all the places we visited during the entire trip, hands down.

We stayed in a residential area, near the heart of Amsterdam’s oldest part, the Nieuwmarkt district, in the coolest Airbnb apartment (check it out here). It had super tall ceilings, sleek furniture, these awesome orange chairs, two balconies and it was right above a bakery. Score. It feels so good to stay in a place that just fits you because it makes the experience that more amazing. Plus the owner, Edward, was super quick at responding if/when we needed help or advice about the city! 

Amsterdam is super easy to get around! All of the coolest destinations were all within a 30-minute walk from our apartment, like Dam Square, the RLD, and the awesome Kalverstraat shopping street that was unlike anything I've ever seen. Miles and miles of shops, with an H&M on seemingly every single block. The Dutch are nuts about that stuff. That and pancakes! Poffertjes (mini pancakes) are possibly the greatest street food ever, rivaled only by the awesome french fry cone, served with mayo and a fork.

When your apartment has cool chairs and large blank walls you take pictures of each other looking awesome. Obviously. 

That's not fog...jk it's fog. Right behind was a coffeeshop though, and if you want the real Amsterdam experience I recommend going to a coffeeshop. There is one on almost every street.

The entrance to our place was right next to a bakery. Not shown: the extremely narrow and steep exorcist-style staircase right behind this door that we had to carry 4 large bags up to get to our apartment. 

One of my favorite parts about this city was the fact that everyone rode around on a bicycle. The streets were built for bikes and hundreds lined the streets and canals. The best part was finding bikes that had baby seats built it (like the one below). How cute?! There were kids everywhere! So many parents were biking around with their little babies sitting upfront just enjoying the ride.

Damn right!

I have never seen so many bridges all in one place. It seems like every single street had awesome canals with shots like this just waiting to be taken. The streetcar/tram system was really cool and was easy to use, but we ended up walking most of the time. Amsterdam is a super fun city to just wander around because EVERYTHING is photogenic.

Poffertjes. So. Effing. Delicious. Especially with a cafe latte. Basically mini pancakes with powdered sugar. We loved them to say the least. 

Bryan and bike for scale. These teeny tiny little cars were all over the place! 

Amsterdam is an incredibly fun place with a TON to do. It may seem crazy, but the city famous for it's "anything goes" rules is also one of the prettiest, most family-friendly places we've ever seen. That is not to say there isn't a lot of "adventurous" fun to be had. Ending our honeymoon in Amsterdam felt a little like a combined bachelor/bachelorette party just for us. It couldn't have been more perfect.


When Bryan was booking our tickets home from Amsterdam he saw this WOWair flight that connected in Iceland. He knew I have ALWAYS wanted to go there, so this is a nice little teaser. Flying over Iceland got me so excited to make a trip back there some day.

This was our view from the plane leaving Iceland. UNREAL! I need to get back there!

We had one amazingly adventurous honeymoon! Hope you enjoyed these posts and thanks for reading!!

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