Over the past weekend my entire family and I flew to Seattle to celebrate my cousin Andy getting married! It was also my mom's birthday, so the weekend was jam-packed with fun celebrations and activities. We stayed at The Edgewater. It was built on piers in the water, so it felt like staying on a cruise ship, with an awesome view. When we got there, the entire Hotel bar was packed pretty exclusively by my relatives, and it was so much fun. My family seriously knows how to throw down. The following day we walked to Pike's Place Market (which is AMAZING), grabbed breakfast and just wandered around.

In all honesty, my West Coast relatives are just on another level of fun. They met us at the Market, half a mile away from our hotel, for Bloody Mary's and my aunt and uncle led us on an awesome spontaneous family bar crawl. Nothing like pre-gaming an open bar wedding with six hours hitting the bars in Seattle.

After wandering around the market and bars in downtown Seattle, it was time for the wedding! Andy and Jenni got married at the Tyee Yacht Club and it was so much fun.

This is what happens when the tequila starts to kick in.

Family shot (minus a few) courtesy of Bryan. What a great night!

Saturday was my mom's 60th birthday! We headed out bright and early for some breakfast tacos, and ended up spending the WHOLE DAY out and about on a fun Seattle adventure.

First we headed back to the market because Bryan was hangry for some oyster shooters, then rode the Great Wheel of Seattle. After that we met up with my cousins and took a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island to drink more! On the ferry ride back, and after a few drinks, my mom lost one of her favorite jackets over the edge. RIP cute leather jacket. Wine flights FTW.

We walked around Bainbridge for a little while, grabbed some drinks then headed back to the ferry! Ferry rides are one of my favorite things, so freakin' fun! Especially with wine and beer and cookies!

When I was younger, we lived in Seattle for about 8 months. We would take the car ferry across the sound all the time, and each time my mom would buy us a big chocolate chip cookie and I would feed it to Ben. These were our attempts at "cute" reenactments, haha!

Sorry for literally jamming that in your face Ben.

I wish we lived closer to these wonderful people, love them so much!!!

We laughed the entire weekend. It was the best ever!

Don't worry guys Bryan was there too! He was a good sport and took tons of pictures of all of us. I'm normally the one behind the lens but it was fun being on the other side.

After we got off the ferry these ladies decided to get a ride home with Captain America. The music coming from that cart was so insanely loud and it was hilarious.

See ya later ladies!