Bryan and I were recently in St. John again for 16 days. We were there this time because his parents bought a second condo in Cruz Bay and we were there renovating the entire place. It's the only 4-bedroom condo walking distance to downtown Cruz Bay (which is very unique) so we wanted the place to look and feel stunning and luxurious. When we first walked in, the place was scary looking...the lighting fixtures were horrible, there were brown canned lights popping out of the ceiling everywhere you looked and the furniture needed a serious upgrade.

We gave all the walls and trim a fresh coat of paint, repainted the worthy furniture white to brighten the space, switched out all of the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, bought new furniture, reorganized and redecorated every single room, and added custom artwork. Trust me, it's even more work then it sounds like, but it's the most fun work. Bryan and I even spent a full day in St. Thomas and set the record for most furniture fit into a single mini van. The rest of the furniture and goodies came on a shipping container that Bryan had to unload and get through customs himself... (nightmare). Bryan and I were going non stop the entire time we were there, we spent a grand total of 5 hours at the beach, WHAT! My mom even flew out to help us which was awesome.

Here are a few BEFORE and AFTER pics of the main living room area.

Living area with painting.jpg

*THERE ARE TWO NEW CRATE & BARREL COUCHES ON THE WAY!! As well as a teak expandable dining table. They did not show up in time while we were there so I'll take more pics when we go back. It's going to be even more beautiful with those in there!

Living Room 6.jpg

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the two master bedrooms.

That circle mirror above the bed was originally in the master bathroom and was a dark brown/gold color. My mom had the genius idea to paint it white and hang it in between the new wall sconces, perfection! Bryan also had the idea to get lamps that have outlets in them to charge your phone easier. We also added new mirrored side tables, a new rug, new ceiling fan and lighting fixtures throughout the room.

Here are the BEFORE and AFTERS of the second master.

2nd master 2.jpg

We changed the lights (you can plug your phone charger into these as well), added a new rug and a new ceiling fan, painted the black dresser white, reused that awesome wooden mirror that used to be hanging in the entrance way, removed the sconces above the bed and added a custom artwork (by me) to match the colors of the room and also added a love seat! This is the room Bryan and I stay in and we LOVE it.

Here are a few BEFORE and AFTER pics of the third bedroom.

I LOVED the bed and side tables in this room so we kept those and went with a Bali theme. We added new lamps, new rug, new ceiling fan, white drapes, that starburst mirror above the bed, a cool bamboo looking dresser (not shown) and custom artwork by me (I will share more on that in the next post).

And finally, BEFORE and AFTERS of the fourth bedroom.

We changed this room completely. Got rid of the twin beds and added a queen (with a Beauty Rest Black mattress, most comfortable mattress ever), new ceiling fan, rug and lamps coming soon.

Be sure to look out for the next blog post showing the process of the 4 custom artworks I did for the condo! They came out awesome and I'm excited to share more about it!!

If you want more info on the condo, go here!

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