This was definitely one of my favorite photoshoots so far. I have always wanted to do a milk bath photoshoot, so when my friend, Lauren Iaconetti, asked me to take some photos of her I knew this had to happen.

Lauren wanted a darker/creep-ish look to these, hence a lot of black and white and awesome dark makeup, and I'm so happy with the outcome.

Quick tip: I searched a bunch of blogs to figure out the best way to accomplish this without spending a bunch of money on gallons and gallons of whole milk (which a bunch of blogs did). I used two 16oz boxes of non-diary instant milk (see here). Pour both packages into a warm tub once it is filled up to your liking, otherwise the milk will get all foaming and bubbly. Throw your model into the water and viol-a! Milky magic.

This one reminds me of Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman. Note to self: next time bring a crown.

I almost fell in here, that's why Lauren looks rather frightened... ;)

Photos were shot on a Canon 7D Mark ii with a 50mm L and me straddling the bath tub.