This morning when Bryan and I woke up, we noticed there were a ton of paddleboards down by the lake we live on, so Bryan immediately ran down there to see what was going on. Lake Anne was hosting WUSA 9 CBS's Meaghan Mooney and the crew from Great Day Washington for a feature on Surf Reston - Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP.

They asked Bryan if he wanted to paddleboard for the feature and of course he said HELL YES, grabbed Bjorn and his adorable little shark life jacket and paddled away! It was Bjorn's first time on a paddleboard and he loved it! He kept jumping from board to board meeting new people and even other dogs. He put on quite the show.

Bjorn making new friends :)

Someone looks tired!

After about 45 mins of standing on the board and meeting tons of new people, he decided enough was enough and wanted to hang out with his momma on the plaza. So he kept jumping off the board and swimming to shore! He also decided to do this 5 minutes before they filmed the dog segment, so we sadly missed it. :(

Living on a lake is awesome. We need to buy a paddleboard.