I don't know about you, but I have always wanted a pair of American flag jean shorts. only problem, it's hard enough for me to find shorts that fit perfectly, let alone with our flag on them. So I decided to paint my own! I found a pair of my mom's old Levi jean pants. I cut them exactly how I like, then washed them so they would fray nicely. Now let the painting begin!


materials needed:


2. Any type of paint brush

3. White t-shirt paint (my craft store was out of the white fabric spray paint- I would recommend that if it is available)

4. Blue t-shirt paint (simply spray is AMAZING!! it doesn't even look like paint, just dyes your shorts the color you want)

5. Red t-shirt paint (tulip also sells fabric spray, but if they have simply spray BUY THAT)

6. Painters tape

7. Star stencil (makes life so much easier)


the process:

Step 1: Tape off all the areas you do not want painted, then paint the right side white (one layer is fine, you don't want your shorts to feel stiff)

Step 2: Tape off the stripes, you can go horizontal or vertical.

Step 3: Sprayyyyyy paint! So fun. Be careful it doesn't get all over the place, like on places of your jeans you do not want red.

Step 4: Tape off the other side

Step 5: Spray paint the blue side (the simply spray stuff is seriously awesome)

Step 6: Paint on those little stars. the less paint on your brush the better, that way the white paint won't bleed

i also did the back pockets.


Pretty awesome right? I'm in love with these! And it did not take very long at all. Go find an old pair of shorts or jeans and try it yourself! Happy 4th of July!