HONEYMOON! PART III (Celebrity Cruise: France Edition)

The second half of our cruise was in the South of France. Oh my goodness, I love France.


We could see the awesome Notre Dame de La Garde from the cruise ship, and we made it our mission to get there without a map or anything. We have done that kind of exploring a bunch of times on trips, and it is a super fun way to experience a new city (just make sure you pick a landmark that is easy to spot!). It was so much fun with a lot of up hill walking through insanely narrow streets. Holy butt workout. The views from the top were insane. Afterwards we made our way back to the city center, found an H&M, bought some goodies, then drank a lot of wine at lunch :)

Oui Oui

Bryan decided to go clean-shaved in the middle of the cruise.... and immediately regretted it.

Try to wrap your head around this picture.


Everything about this place was literally perfect, what a cool place. We booked an excursion that brought us to Nice then to Eze, a medevial village on top of a mountain.

Eze was one of the most unreal places I've seen. It is a tiny little medieval town on top of this mountain overlooking the Mediterranean surrounded by lush gardens. All the streets were tiny and cobblestone, with little shops and restaurants tucked in.


We got a sweet AND a savory crepe because, duh. Food = France.


Right when we got off the ship there was this amazing market with tons of sausage, cheese, olives and other delicious looking food. It looked so good that we immediately went to a restaurant and order a charcuterie platter. Yum. Then we walked around the city some more and checked out the statue of Napoleon. Everything in France is delicious!


This was the last stop of our cruise and I totally forgot to add it to the Italy post because it was pouring rain all day at the port, and the port was all industrial. Florence was an hour and a half bus ride away so Bryan and I decided to stay on the ship and take full advantage of our drink package. Great way to end the trip :)

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Amsterdam post coming next!