HONEYMOON! PART II (Celebrity Cruise: Italy Edition)

The main part of our honeymoon was a 9 day cruise through Italy and the South of France. We were aboard the Celebrity Silhouette...THE SAME SHIP WE WERE ON WHEN BRYAN PROPOSED! How crazy is that? Of all the ships in the world we took our honeymoon on the same ship we got engaged on 7 months before. Hah! Bryan and his family are major cruise people, and now so am I. It is so much fun, especially when you have the unlimited premium drink package to keep that fun vacation buzz going strong the whole time ;)


The first day we docked in Salerno, Italy on the Amalfi Coast. Since it was the first day we decided to treat ourselves and booked an off shore adventure excursion to hike up Mount Vesuvius and explore the ruins of Pompeii. It was really freaking tight. Being at the top of an active volcano that I learned all about back in high school was a very cool experience.


Bryan whipped out his selfie stick and kept tripping over rocks trying to use it. Needless to say, it was very entertaining, and slightly horrifying considering we were on top of a volcano.

Multiple cruise ships at port means a longer than usual wait to get to the brothel. Unbelievable.


When we got to Sicily we didn't book any off shore excursions, instead we just roamed around the city for a bit and stopped for beers and pizza (naturally). Note to self: learn the Italian word for hot dog because it is not very good on pizza. That evening was the first formal night and I was IN LOVE with the red dress I got for it.

Once we got back on the ship we immediately grabbed a few large glasses of red wine to sip on while we got ready. We headed towards the front of the ship to take some pictures while the sun was setting, it was beautiful (and crazy windy). As we were chugging wine in between shots we started cruising past an active volcano, called Mount Stromboli. It was SO TIGHT!

My red dress is from Lulus and comes in 4 different colors. The fact that it was long enough is amazing because I'm very tall. The straps can be tightened or loosened to change the length as well. I think I might buy the navy one for the holidays because I loved it so much :) Shop it here!

^ This was a problem we had frequently on the cruise....but never for long.

We were using the self timer on my camera without a tripod. So I had to balance it on a small ledge (the ship was rocking and it was windy, mind you) and then ran over to Bryan for a quick shot. Results, a lot of side boob in the one clear photo (after like 10 trys) where the wind isn't completely covering my face. What can ya do.

Bryan is such a cutie! Look at that smile!! :)

The second half of our cruise in the South of France will be on the blog next! If you missed it, check out our first few days in Rome!