A couple weeks ago I decided to end my job as the graphic designer/creative director at DMC Companies, INC. I had worked there for four years. Two of those four years I was working from home, which was awesome because it allowed me to travel often, hang out with Bryan more and take on freelance jobs that involved stuff I love - photography and painting. My main focus now is to get better at photography, paint more often and gain more clients in the process. It's slightly terrifying but exciting at the same time. I love sharing what I create, so there will be lots of new fun stuff to come on my Instagram and this blog! First step though was to get new business cards...

I've always thought square cards were really cool. I remember hearing about this company called MOO that makes square cards so I decided to give them a try (they have normal cards too). I went with my own design (they also have tons of cool designs to pick from), matte finish, and original thickness (which is nice and thick). I absolutely love how they turned out, they feel like butter! I also got five color choices because why the heck not, I love color and it didn't cost extra. The price was very decent as well, I bought 150 cards and it was under $100.

The website it very easy to use, I had a lot of fun with it. So much fun that in two months I might be ordering another batch with my new name on it. I'll be going from Taylor Kampa to Taylor Kampa Olson. My initials are going to be TKO!!! So excited. So badass.

If you are in the market for new business cards definitely check out MOO! Plus they come in these adorable little black holders that resemble mini filing cabinets. Such great packaging!