If you live in the DC area then you probably have heard about "The Beach". Located inside The National Building Museum, this large interactive installation brings the experience of going to the beach to downtown Washington, D.C. The Beach covers 10,000 square feet of space directly in the middle of the museum with nearly one million translucent plastic balls to resemble the ocean. I went a couple weeks ago with my sister Morgan, cousin Meggie and friend Courtney and it was a very fun and interesting experience.

Here are some tips if you decide to go...

  1. Wear shorts or pants, not a skirt. My cousin wore a skirt and it was a struggle, HAH!
  2. Wear sneakers. We all wore flip flops and had to hold them because there were like a million people there and I didn't want to risk anyone taking my shoes.
  3. Go during the day when people are at work (if you can). As you can see in my pictures there were SO MANY PEOPLE because we went during the late night event on a Wednesday evening.
  4. Get a spot next to a wall. It makes for better pictures and you can use it as support if you get stuck in the "ocean" (which will happen because those balls are packed in tight and it's about 4 feet deep - really hard to get back onto your feet if you decide to float).
  5. Tickets are $16 for adults. Bring your student ID and get $3 off! You can buy tickets here.
  6. Tag your pictures with #TheBeachDC, @nationalbuildingmuseum and @snarkitecture.

Check out some of the photos I took (with my iphone 6) while we were there!