I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from a recent photoshoot we worked on for UrbanStems because it's the month of love and I love these two. Bryan is always so willing to take photos with me, which makes me the happiest person alive. Also, Bjorn has learned that if he sits and poses, delicious treats are in his future. So yeah, they're the best.

Bjorn's face kills me in these pictures, that dog has so much patience.

When your photoshoot accidentally turns into a "newborn" inspired shoot...yes I know, we are those people now and I'm fine with it, haha. The funny thing is, this is how Bryan and I carry Bjorn around the house a huge majority of the day (minus the flowers). And I'm being dead serious.

Just casually laying in bed together, you know, normal stuff.

We tried to recreate our Christmas card (this pic) and I think we nailed it.

Family shot 7 (cropped 2).jpg


Thanks for stopping by to see how much we love this doggy haha!