This post is loooong overdue. If you know me, or follow me on Instagram then you know Bryan and I got the world's cutest Pomeranian puppy EVER TO LIVE two weeks before Christmas, and he's perfect. We got him in Lancaster, PA from this wonderful Amish family. 

He was potty trained within the first week of having him, is crate trained and sleeps through every night with no problem. He was 2lbs (!!!!!) when we first got him and had wolf sable coloring. He now weighs a little over 4lbs and his adult coat is starting to come in blonde! He has the cutest gosh darn face I have ever seen and I literally just want to duct tape him to my face so I can be kissing and snuggling him 24/7. 

Here are a few pictures of him from when we first got him along with some recent ones! You can also check out his Instagram (yes, we made him his own) for more cute pics and videos! @bjornforthis.

Just recharging.

Those teeny tiny lil legs. Oh my gosh I can't even handle it.


The last two photos are the most recent (his legs are getting so long!). Apparently Pomeranians go through a stage called the "puppy uglies" where they lose all of their puppy fur (sad face) and their adult coats start coming in slowly starting around 4months old. Bjorn's coat is coming in so light! Also, I don't like the term "puppy uglies," because look at him, he is still the cutest little shit in the world.

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