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I’m Taylor Kampa Olson. I’m an artist based in the Washington, DC area. I paint everything from portraits to abstracts to large murals. You may have seen my work featured by the NHL and the Washington Capitals, or available at West Elm and a number of awesome DC establishments. You can see videos of my paintings on my instagram: @tkopaintings. I paint using acrylics and I recently built a print shop to make all of my prints in-house. I would love to create something for you. Commissions are available.


I have been painting portraits in my signature style for over ten years. I love capturing high levels of detail and realism while breaking images down. I have painted celebrities, athletes, families, business leaders, and fictional characters. My art has found its way onto the walls of Alex Ovechkin, Nick Backstrom, Tom Wilson, and Ted Leonsis.



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My abstracts are designed to complete any space. Inspired mostly by the places I've been, especially the Caribbean, my acrylic abstract art usually evokes a view, either out at a horizon, through trees or windows, staring up at the sky, or looking down from above. I don't stop working on a piece until it evokes a memory or a feeling associated with some special location. I often incorporate metallic media like gold leaf, and create a sense of movement around the canvas. I love creating custom pieces designed to fit elegant spaces.  You can check out more of my abstracts here.