I have had a great time lately painting a series of fifteen portraits to be hung at the bar at Circa in Chinatown, right next to Capital One Arena. Six of the portraits requested were of Washington Capitals players, which is amazing because I am a huge fan and they won the Stanley Cup just two months ago!

Bryan filmed timelapse videos of me painting the Caps, breaking down about six to eight hours of painting into thirty seconds or a minute, and the reaction has been awesome. People really love seeing their Stanley Cup champions committed to canvas!

I have been flooded with questions about whether I am selling those paintings or if I will be making prints, and I want to let everybody know that I do plan to release a series of Caps paintings and prints for sale in the near future. The best way to get your own Caps painting, or any other painting, is to contact me about a commission. I love working with people to create exactly the one-of-a-kind painting they want.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please click here to fill out a brief form, and I will get back to you quickly with details on pricing and availability. Enjoy the videos!



Hello hello again my lovely friends. So in my last post I showed some before and after pictures of the condo renovations Bryan and I worked on for two weeks while in St. John (if you missed it, you can read the post here.) Along with those renovations, I also did 4 custom abstracts for the condo. Bryan built the two largest canvases (4x8ft and 3x5ft) with oak we got from Home Depot on St. Thomas and rolled canvas we had shipped down. The other two canvases we luckily found at the local hardware store (30x48in). 

Remember this painting? I did this one over 3 years ago for their first condo, Blue Coral. It makes me so happy that I now have 5 original paintings in St. John since that is the place that inspires most of my work. Linda (the world's greatest mother-in-law) is THE BEST for letting me go crazy with paint and allowing me to paint an 8ft piece for the first time ever for her place.

Painting on the porch next to the pool with an ocean view? Um YES PLEASE. 


So pleased with how this painting turned out (30x48in - one of the canvases we bought). It is hanging in the little reading nook area in the master bedroom.

Bryan should sell his canvases. They are better than the heavy duty gallery wrapped ones I normally get from Michaels. THANKS BRY BRY.


Bryan built this canvas (3x5ft) and it hangs above the bed in the second master bedroom. 

This piece was inspired by the moody pieces I have recently done, like this guy. It is 30x48in and hangs in the third bedroom.

BRYAN YOU ARE THE GREATEST MAN ALIVE. Here he is making the 8 footer!! It came out so sturdy and perfect.

Soooo happy with how this baby turned out! (4x8ft!!!) I love painting large scale art, it's such a fun challenge.

painting in living room.jpg

(So excited for the new couches to arrive! Be gone green wicker.)

Here's a fun time lapse video Bryan captured of me starting the big painting!

Anyone want a custom piece of artwork made? Email me. I'm serious. I want to paint a beautiful statement piece for your home (or vacation home). I'll travel anywhere.

Be sure to check out the before and after pics of this condo's renovation HERE.



Hello hello! So I'm excited to share that you can now order my paintings as prints, framed prints, canvas prints, iphone cases, classy travel mugs, bags, wall clocks and more! Pretty cool.

Below are a few of my favorite examples, but you can see all of my paintings and tons of fun options here! Can you say best Valentine's/Galentine's day gifts anyone?? ;)

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great weekend!